Event Calendar (When making a reservation, please arrive on time.  We will only hold your reservation 15 minutes after your arrival time)

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME! Your reservationtion wil be held for 15 minutes!


ALL customers using OUR coupon MUST sign up and pay online to make their reservation.  Have a questions or a problem?  Contact us at (412) 687-0383 or send us an e-mail at sasimon777@gmail.com we'll be happy to assist you.  

Please call ahead on the weekends to make sure we do not have private party or an event scheduled.   

GROUPONS:  You must call the studio to make your reservation.  Groupons can ONLY be used for what you purchased them for.  They cannot be used during the daytime, Sundays, Mondays Private Parties or Holidays events!

PLEASE NOTE:  We will no longer honor  and/or redeem expired vouchers.  Groupons are the exception  (only at the value you purchased will apply)

New Calendar is published and posted after the 15th of every month.